“Working with APEX has been an absolute game changer. Dustin and his team provide phenomenal value from their wise counsel, extensive network of partners, and consistently excellent output. They are valuable partners in every sense of that phrase.”

- Andrew W.

“The Apex Doctor Solutions team have all been super kind, helpful, and informative. They fill in the areas I don't even realize I need help in. The way they do it seems like it is no big deal. I am grateful to work with them and am also excited for our next interaction.”

- Mark S.

“Apex Doctor Solutions has been the smartest decision we have made in the 15 years we have been in private practice. Not only were they able to guide us when we needed to make a financial investment to grow our practice, they also introduced us to new ways of understanding the multiple data generated by the software running our practice. Additionally, the constant support and guidance we have received since we started our relationship is unsurpassed. If you are looking to grow your practice successfully, we highly recommend Apex Doctor Solution.”

- Katia C.

“We acquired our dental practice in the early 2000s, and over the course of our ownership, it became apparent we were lacking in some business fundamentals. To aid us in this, we utilized 3 consultants as well as two separate large, local accounting firms. Each of these firms boasted experience with small business accounting and assured us they had experience in dental practices. Both firms did an adequate job in day to day accounting and tax preparation, but neither could offer suggestions to help take our practice “to the next level.” Our practice had plateaued.

We first encountered APEX when we were considering a new practice acquisition. This, we believed, was our best option for practice growth. After Dustin and the team at APEX crunched the numbers, it became apparent that a second practice wasn’t the answer. By simply focusing our attention and energy on a few key metrics we found our practice already had everything we were looking for and more! Utilizing software that helps streamline our existing practice management software, Dustin and the APEX team were able to help our practice break through the plateau. APEX helped us to achieve our goals without needing to alter our underlying practice philosophy of putting the patient’s needs first and foremost.

In addition, the APEX team has superb communication with their clients. The frequent meetings they provide allowed us to undertake several small changes over time, such that it did not disrupt our practice or team members. We consider ourselves fortunate to be working with Dustin and the rest of the APEX team. In short, APEX is the pinnacle of dental practice accounting.”

- Matt and Jody F.